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$150K mistake made on Long Island

Mistakes can happen in home construction, but stuff like this is unfathomable and unacceptable.

Check out this story from the NY Post about a South Hampton home that was constructed on the wrong part of the property, not leaving enough room for a pool and a back yard. The result was the entire first story framing had to be taken down and the 45-by-45 foundation getting removed too. The mistake has pushed back the project by six weeks and will cost builder Peter Cardel’s company, about $150K.

How can this mistake happen?

Scott Meiselbach, owner of Sunrise Construction Mgmt., says it’s good to double check after the foundation is poured to see if it’s poured in the correct spot. In some towns, a foundation surveyor is required to inspect the foundation after its poured before framing begins. That appeared to be the case with this halfway build house having to be torn down.

“This mistake was avoidable if a foundation survey was done and submitted to the town,” Meiselbach said. “They would then compare it to the approved site plan originally supplied by the surveyor and/or architect. Upon a comparison of what was built versus what was approved, the mistake would have easily been caught. Instead of a $150,000 mistake, it’s a $50,000 mistake. Still bad, but not as bad.”

Builder Peter Cardel seemed to shrug off the mistake, telling the NY Post “This doesn’t even move the needle as strange in the Hamptons,” he told the newspaper. “We have a wonderful team. There is no friction. It’s just something that has to be done.”

Unfortunately, the company’s reputation might take a hit along with the hit its wallet will take.

Sunrise Construction Mgmt., though, has a reputation that stands by itself, just look at its testimonial page. Mistakes like this aren’t made in Long Island when Sunrise Construction Mgmt. is involved.

No mistakes were made making this house