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Homeowners and Municipalities Feel Pressure to Raise Homes, and Sunrise Construction Can Help

At Sunrise Construction, we are proud to be designated a New York Rising contractor, with a specialization in post-Sandy home improvements and renovations. For homeowners, one big factor that helps determine how much funding they are eligible to receive through New York Rising is whether or not their home meets the benchmark for “substantial damage”. [...]

Sunrise Construction is a New York Rising Certified Contractor

More than a year after Hurricane Sandy ravaged communities and turned many homes inside out, many Long Islanders and residents of Nassau and Suffolk Counties are only beginning the lengthy journey to full recovery. The recently put in place New York Rising Storm Recovery Program serves as a viable source of assistance for homeowners looking [...]

House Raising & Lifting Contractor on Long Island, NY | Sunrise Construction

We are now proudly offering house raising and lifting services in Long Island and all of Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Follow the link below for more information or call us today, 631.561.0099  #houseraising #houselifting #foundationrepairs   Sunrise Construction has the knowledge and skill to perform house raising or house lifting in Long Island, Nassau & [...]

New York Rising Sandy Assistance Fails Many on Long island

Let’s hear the story of two Long Island homeowners who saw their houses severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy just over one year ago. The first homeowner – we’ll call him Bob – saw extensive damage to his Long Island home by Superstorm Sandy. In the storm’s aftermath, Bob learned that his insurance wouldn’t cover the [...]

Protecting Your Long Island Home From Floods

Hurricanes Irene and Sandy have left Long Island homeowners starkly aware of the damage water can do. Consider taking the following precautions to be sure that your home is properly protected.   Know Your Level Homeowners should know the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) of their address. You’ll have a better understanding of risk and how [...]

Financial Assistance for Elevating Homes: Don’t Turn It Away

Long Islanders don’t need to hear the statistics. They can look outside their windows, or up and down their streets, to witness the disastrous effect Hurricane Sandy had on their neighborhoods one year ago. Fortunately, the federal government has risen to the occasion, providing financial relief for residents of the ravaged New York coast. But [...]

When life throws you lemons…

There’s no question Superstorm Sandy was more than a lemon. It was like a giant grapefruit that residents all over Long Island had to bitterly and unfortunately swallow. But when life throws you lemons, or in this case, grapefruits, you make, well, a big pitcher of grapefruit juice. The devastation and damage that happened to [...]

Superstorm Sandy’s bill for NY: $32 billion

It was bigger, damaged more homes and could be more expensive than Hurricane Katrina. NY Governor Andrew Cuomo is requesting $32 billion in federal aid to help rebuild from Superstorm Sandy and take preventative measures if a storm like this happens in the future the USA Today reported yesterday. The bill to the federal government, [...]

Time to clean up

It’s time to clean up the mess Superstorm Sandy threw upon us a few weeks ago. No one could have imagined the devastation and destruction that occurred, but the damage isn’t going to fix itself. Fortunately you guys know what Long Island general contractor to turn to for any repairs that has happened to your [...]

Preparing Hurricane Sandy

Two hurricanes in two years? Really? Yes really, and this one might be more dangerous. Hurricane Sandy is barreling toward the coast with its high winds, heavy rains and huge waves. The massive storm surge that’s expected will impact those along the coast of Long Island so here’s a couple of steps you can take [...]