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Creative Ideas for Feng Shui Home Office Design

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement– the concept of arranging your surroundings to enhance your life. I sell wall murals online and often work long hours from my home office. I use the concepts of Feng Shui to help keep me feeling happy and creative in my home office and you can too! Whether you are working from a small cubby or if you plan on designing an entire room to maximize your creative energy, here are some helpful ideas to apply the art of Feng Shui when it comes to *your* home office.


Inspire Order


A Feng Shui office should inspire order, and getting clutter under control should be the first thing on your list. Using built in shelving that has clearly defined sections can help you organize books, papers and boxes in an orderly fashion. Use each section practically so that it has a quiet visual appeal. Only put on your desk the items you need. Phone, writing equipment and a small lamp would be just right in order to promote positive thinking. We live in a technology world so take advantage of wireless equipment so you won’t have cables hanging off your work area.

The Proper Desk


It is said that a curved shaped desk is the best for a Feng Shui office, but if you can’t swing that purchase, a nice clean-lined desk would work just fine. Place the table in a position of command with a solid wall behind you. You should be able to see the entrance door without placing your desk directly in front of it. If there are windows in your office, the natural lighting should come from the side and not from behind.


Feng Shui Your Walls and Floor Space


Every room needs a focal point, including your home office. Plants work wonderfully in this area because plants are alive and they will bring positive energy in the form of Chi. Only one or two vibrant healthy plants should be used; palm trees, lilies, ivy vines and ferns are excellent choices. You can also give your Feng Shui home office vitality and show off your own personality by hanging a print or wall mural. Center positioning of the wall hanging and placing a tall fern plant off to the side not only fills up space, but gives the room a beautiful calming focal point. When you just love your office space, like I do, it gets all your good energy flowing!


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