How To Defrag Windows 11 Hard Drive To Improve Performance

If you don’t close, you will lose your data after this process as your system will be rebooted. Safe mode is a process of starting Windows in its basic state with some limited drivers and files. In most of the cases, safe mode is helpful to find out the causes of some problems related to drivers. F8 key can no longer be used to boot the windows in safe mode as Windows 10 has disabled the setting by default. You can still enter the boot option, but to speed up the starting process, the option was removed by default.

  • The Thunderbird email client has a similar function.
  • Press Ctrl + V in the opening program to paste the screenshot.
  • From here, select System and go to the Recovery submenu.
  • Press Win + R, type msconfig and click on the “Ok” button to open the MS Config tool.

Make sure you have closed all the applications. Once you have opened the “Command Prompt” tool, write the letter of your external hard drive unit with a colon after it then hit the space bar and write “/f”. Because files are constantly being written, deleted and resized, fragmentation is a natural occurrence. When a file is spread out over several locations, it takes longer to read and write resulting in slow computer performance.

How To Defrag Windows 7 Pcs

Try and re-enable some apps, and test if your CPU remains stable until you find the culprit. Startup” tab at the top of the Task Manager window. Here, you can see all of the applications that start along with your computer at launch.

On the upper-right corner of your screen you’ll see the words “Safe Boot” displayed on the login window when your Mac is in safe mode. Return to the “System Configuration” window , uncheck Safe boot, select OK, and reboot your PC to disable. “Active Directory repair” is commonly used by network administrators in corporate environments to repair or restore an Active Directory database.

Start Windows 10 In Safe Mode Using Cmd

A notation displays the progress of defragmenting your drive. When the defragmenting process is complete, the Disk Defragmenter dialog box shows that your drive no longer requires defragmenting. If your hard drive shows 5 to 10% fragmentation, you can defrag it. Alternatively, leave the box checked and select how often you want the defragmentation to run. Auslogics Registry Cleaner builds protections into their software by making sure that before it does anything, it backs up the registry. The last thing we want to do is to just start changing values without having a way to get that information back.

The same thing holds true for your computer. Input the second command diskdrive get status and press Enter again to execute the command. It would take a couple of minutes to complete the error checking process. Yulia I reinstalled the drive, but to no avail.