The Uniqueness of Best Terrazzo Tiles on your Building

What is Terrazzo?

The most accessible place to start to talk about Terrazzo is actually the actual definition or description of the object. So, clearly stated, Terrazzo is a composite store of particles of stone that is made from recycling a mixture of glassy chips of different materials. It may often include granite, marble, quartz, and other rocks, many of which have shiny attributes. 

Meanwhile, the stones and materials are bound together with a cementitious binder while displaying their array of colours. Terrazzo tiles in their colours can come in different shapes, shades and as sand-cushioned Terrazzo or thin-set terrazzo. 

Background on the use of Terrazzo 

This composite material has a very relatively long history that spans off to ancient Egypt when it was used in making mosaics. Furthermore, it continued to grow both in popularity and relevance in construction. In the 18th century, terrazzo tiles spanned into use in Italy which later made it to the US around the 1890s. While thriving in the US, it gained more popularity with the Art Deco and Moderne styles between the 1920s and 1940s. 

Nowadays, terrazzo tiles are an integral part of our house flooring, and terrazzo floors create a captivating design in major cities across Australia. Particularly, terrazzo floor tiles are becoming more and more popular in Sydney and Melbourne. I can also remember how fascinated we often get with outdoor terrazzo tiles and the white terrazzo tiles on the walls of the bathroom, kitchen and toilets. More so, the terrazzo tiling has also found its way into the world of art designs.

Why choose terrazzo floor tiles for your home?

One of the surest attributes of composite materials to attract people will be the diversity of colours and shapes. Each fragment brings into harmony its own peculiar nature. The stone particles may be anything between marble and glass, quartz or metal. Yet, they make a beautiful good sense together. More so, terrazzo tiles have become so endearing that people. They go as far as restoring terrazzo tiles flooring over a hundred years old just for its aesthetic value. 

The Appearance of Terrazzo Flooring

Flowing the house with Terrazzo tiles can be very beautiful to behold for artistic interior designers and their clients. The design can also open the designer to many creative ideas due to the material’s flexibility to use. In addition, the diversity of the component materials is another advantage it can have over other decorative building materials. For instance, a simple white set of terrazzo tiles can have an intricate pattern design.

On the other hand, the different colours may come in such a diversity that can easily enhance the perception of the floor. Whether for commercial or domestic purposes, terrazzo tiles are simply unique on the floor while sized accordingly. More so, these shiny chips of fancy stones with their polished surfaces can add a touch of elegance to any interior or exterior edifice. Installing just erecting a whole unbroken marble on a place, you can have broken marbles mixed with other stones. 

It becomes a good option for interior decoration of the floor instead of standard concrete flooring. While you may have seen terrazzo flooring in several places, there are many more places that terrazzo flooring can fit perfectly. These places include schools, hotels and office halls. On the other average, terrazzo floor tiles can cost about $10 per square foot, which we will discuss later. 

Where can we find terrazzo tiles today?

If you can identify what you are looking for (which we have been discussing), you can practically find it anywhere today. Those days are gone which you may only find Terrazzo at public places such as the Mt Vemon’s home of George Washington. Another place is Frank Lloyd Wright’s Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, which is also beautifully floored by terrazzo tiles. A close look at these places would now only give you an idea of where we began from.

In other words, the real deal of what terrazzo tiles mean today is beyond a few places to what the whole world now celebrates. Meanwhile, we will not also fail to mention a few places where you can find terrazzo tiles. Perhaps, you also are considering one of these places, and you are yet to decide if using Terrazzo is a good choice.

Schools and Universities.

Reflective surfaces have a way of exciting the brain, so a good design should add as many reflective surfaces as possible. Terrazzo tiles have generally had a beautiful impact on school designs. In contrast, the combination of the materials has encouraged students’ curiosity. In addition, elementary schools have especially attracted a lively, bright, vibrant and highly engaging atmosphere for younger students. 

In addition, designers can also build the school logo with terrazzo tiles. And since Terrazzo as a material has a low emitting epoxy resin quality, it can help to enhance the indoor air quality inside the school buildings. In other words, the school’s internal environment is richer and more saturated with air with terrazzo tiles. Apart from the wall, Terrazzo does fantastic works with the floor. 

Hospitals and other health facilities

Terrazzo tiles on the floor of hospitals and other health facilities are often cleaner and well-kept than on different feet. In addition, since Terrazzo is cheaper to use and maintain, hospital boards often choose the composite material over others. Terrazzo tiles on floors are also very non-porous and highly resistant to the growth of bacteria, mould, mildew or other organic life forms. 

It has such a smooth and seamless surface that it can be straightforward for wheeled transportation in hospitals. For instance, patients may have to move on admission beds, wheelchairs and other ways quickly and safely. Other more profound studies reveal that having terrazzo tiles on the walls of hospitals can really enhance the recovery rates of patients. 


What shall we say of using terrazzo tiles on the walls of homes, apartments, offices, corporate offices and other public places? There is no doubt about the power of Terrazzo to bring the surface of homes alive, whether interior or exterior. We hope you have found the good motivation to use terrazzo tiling? Check out some of the displayed items in our store.